Nibco T117594, Nda Series Double Acting Pneumatic Actuator, 12-5

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The NIBCO® Series NDA pneumatic actuator features a patented spring design and a durable anodized extruded aluminum body

Engineered for a long, lubrication-free service life, NDA actuators combine O-rings and PTFE seals to create a durable, low-friction seal

Engineered with a modular approach, NIBCO reg pneumatic actuation systems offer the flexibility to actuate new valves or to retrofit existing valves with unprecedented ease

Features Durable extruded anodized aluminum housing Unique 3-point load bearing design for smooth operation Twin guide bars on pistons assure optimum rack and pinion engagement One-piece solid steel shaft Epoxy coated end caps ISO 5211 or NIBCO direct mount dimensions NAMUR standard accessory mounting dimensions UNC tapping

NIBCO pneumatic actuators are manufactured in a wide range of output torques to fit the characteristics of the valve application

NIBCO reg Series NDA pneumatic actuators offer exceptional starting and ending torque in a compact design

Pneumatic accessories include three and four way solenoids, switch box with limit switches and beacon, positioners for air or electric signal throttling service and speed controls

Pneumatic actuation systems feature an ISO standard mounting design, assuring long-term industry acceptance

They are designed for either on-off duty, modulation or proportional control in industries ranging from chemical processing and pulp and paper, to petroleum refining, production industries, marine applications, and commercial construction applications

They are specifically designed for quarter-turn applications, including ball valves, butterfly valves, dampers and plug valves

They consistently meet the demand for high torque, even in applications where the valve has been closed for an extended period

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