Beta Tools 021120128, 2112Et/A C12 Fabric Tool Bag With Assortment

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Beta Tools, 021120128, 2112ET/A C12 Technical Fabric Tool Bag with Assortment of 69 Tools Features: Removable interior tool panel Elastic tool bands and capacious interior and exterior pockets Bag opens at front for easier access to tools at workplace Hard, waterproof base with rubber feet Can be used with trolley C8 Includes: 1 x C12 Technical Fabric Tool Box 1 x 32 Centre punch Ø 4 m 1 x 35 Flat chisels, ribbed type 150 mm 8 x 55/B8 Double open end wrenches 6x7 - 8x9 - 10x11 - 12x13 - 14x15 - 16x17 - 18x19 - 20x22 mm 8 x 96LC/SC8 Offset hexagon key wrenches, long series, 1,5÷12 mm 1 x 111 Adjustable wrench 200 mm 1 x 850MQ Magnetic bit holder, insulated 10 x 860MIX/A10 Bits with magnetic bit holder in plastic case 1 x 1048MQ Slip joint pliers, boxed joint, 250 mm 1 x 1082BM Diagonal cutting nippers, 160 mm 1 x 1128BSX Electrician's scissors, straight blades, with countersink 1 x 1132BM Cable cutter, 170 mm 1 x 1150BM Half-round needle nose pliers, 180 mm 1 x 1166BM Extra long needle knurled nose pliers, bi-material handles, 160 mm 1 x 1168BM Bent needle nose pliers, 160 mm 1 x 1250 Screwholding screwdriver for slotted head screws, 4x125 mm 1 x 1251 Screwholding screwdriver for cross head Phillips® screws, PH1x150 mm 1 x 1253 Mains testing screwdriver 5 x 1201 Screwdrivers for cross head Phillips® screws, 2,5x75 - 3,5x100 - 5,5x125 - 6,5x150 mm 1 x 1201N Screwdrivers for slotted head screws, extra-short series, 4x30 mm 4 x 1202 Screwdrivers for cross head Phillips® screws, PH0x60 - PH1x120 - PH2x150 - PH3x150 mm 1 x 1202N Screwdrivers for cross head Phillips® screws, extra-short series, PH2x30 mm 4 x 1272MQ Screwdrivers for cross head Phillips® screws, 1000V, PH0x60 - PH1x80 - PH2x100 - PH3x150 mm 5 x 1274MQ Screwdrivers for headless slotted screws, 1000V, 5,5x125 - 3x100 - 4x100 - 6,5x150 - 8x175 mm 1 x 1343 Flat chisel with side cutter 1 x 1370 Engineer’s hammer, 300 g 1 x 1390 Soft face hammer, Ø 35 mm 1 x 1602 Crimping pliers for insulated terminals 1 x 1639NS-N Friction tape, 25 m 1 x 1692 Measuring tape, 5 m 1 x 1719BMA/M, 200 mm 1 x 1719BMA/R, 200 mm 1 x 1725 Hacksaw frame, aluminium handle 1 x 1777BM Fold - away knife

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