Owsoo Alarm Security

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Features:*With doorbell function.*Timing arm and disarm.*Support SMS and dialing alarm.*Smart 3G alarm system with APP, including remote arm / disarm, parameter setting and accessory management

Note No Wifi Function Remote operation and settings by SMS APP

You can add / delete remote control / wireless detector / RFID card as you need

APP for Android and IOS system LCD screen display and voice prompt for all operations. Support up to 100 wireless defense zones for remote control or RFID cards or wireless detectors

Support 5 groups preset alarm phone numbers, SMS on / off and dial on / off can be set respectively for each phone number. Users can make calls by using keypad on alarm panel, just like a telephone. Can record 20 seconds alarm voice. Support system password and user password, when alarm is triggered, only can be disarmed by putting user password, prevent intruder from disarming

Coercion password, secretly make calls in emergency. Digital sensitive touch keyboard, fashion novelty. Multiple types of arm Remote control arm, out arm, home arm, timed arm. Support external wireless wired siren, with squealing alarm sound. Can store and inquire daily operation records and alarm records. SMS prompt automatically about low power of battery. SMS prompt when AC power lost or recovered. English, German, Chinese three languages optional. Intercom and monitoring function.

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