Berkshire Spxvpr00112, Spxvpr00112-Series Wipes Sp Ms-Vp - 9" X 9"

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Berkshire, SPXVPR00112, SPXVPR00112-Series Wipes SP MS-VP - 9" x 9", 70/30/60 IPA/DI SatPax® MicroSeal®-VP is an ultrasonically sealed edge cleanroom laundered wiper recommended for ISO Class 3 and above environments composed of 100% continuous filament polyester knit fabric

Features Critically low particles, fibers, ions and extractables High abrasion resistance High Absorbency Increases cleaning protocol consistency Light weight, high absorbency material design reduces actual cost in use compared to heavier weight products

The Pre-wetted format provides a cost effective and easy to use solution versus traditional bulk handling of solvents and maintenance of squirt bottles

The wiper is pre-wetted with 70 IPA and 30 DI water

This combination of properties provides SatPax reg MicroSeal reg -VP with the highest level of cleanliness, abrasion resistance and chemical compatibility required for cleaning critical environments

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