Meiji Techno Mt9520, Binocular Gout Testing Microscope

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MT9520, Binocular Gout Testing Microscope Features: Super Widefield 10X High Eyepoint eyepieces, F.N

22 are standard Tilting Ergonomic binocular head-adjustable vertically from 10 deg to 50 deg optional models Smooth operating ball bearing quintuple nosepiece provides effortless objective changes New improved infin Infinity Corrected Objectives ICOS Optical System Intermediate tube with built in analyzer Compensator slot and rotatable polarizer with full wave plate Ceramic coated, flat top mechanical stage Rounded corners and low positioned left or right handed ergonomic X-Y coaxial controls Incorporates tension adjustment and safety Auto-focus stage stop lever Newly designed Strain Free Abbe Condenser 1.25 N.A

CPPD crystals are small rods, squares, or rhomboids and are usually harder to identify without a gout or polarized light microscope

Ergonomic placement of controls allows for stress free operation, increased lab efficiency and maximum productivity

Intermediate tube with built in analyzer and compensator slot and rotatable polarizer with full wave plate

Lab technicians prepare a wet smear on a microscope slide with the fluid and use polarized microscopy to determine the presence of sodium urate crystals gout or calcium pyrophosphate dehydrate or CPPD within the fluid

Medical professionals use gout microscopes assembled specifically for identifying gout or CPPD pseudo-gout crystals suspended in synovial fluid

Polarizing filters can be easily adjusted when using the gout microscope

The MT9500 Series Gout Testing Microscopes for the identification of crystals present in body fluids

The MT9500 Series has been designed as a versatile, modular, ergonomic microscope system which are ideally suited in education, research or advanced laboratory applications

The MT9500 Series offers an outstanding range of features and optical performance with an emphasis on all newly engineered high performance optics based on Meiji Techno rsquo s ICOS Optical System Infinity Corrected Optical System

The new optics, provide exceptionally bright, crisp images, with good color rendition and superior flat fields of view.

These microscopes are used for identification of crystals present in body fluids

Transmitted 6V 30W Koehler Halogen illuminator with strain free condenser and strain free infin Infinity Corrected objectives

In quick change dovetail mount operates Tracks very smoothly and predictably facilitating accurate iris control with improved usability 30 watt Halogen illumination with automatic voltage sensing power supply Transmitted 6V 30W Koehler Halogen illuminator with strain free condenser with built-in iris Cast Aluminum Alloy construction with chemical resistant finish Gout Testing

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