Black Paint - Natural Organic German Blue Platinum Beauty Oil Forest Scent 50Ml

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Brand from Japan: BLACK PAINT

After moisturizing your skin firmly with lotion, let 1 to 2 drops gently adapt to your skin

An aggressive side of an aging care that prevents evaporation of water while preparing skin that tends to be unstable

Approach diversified to drying, elasticity, tightening, elasticity, and transparent transparency

Beauty oil containing platinum / gold

Combines rare platinum to carefully selected organic oil with power of elastic and gold of elasticity

How to use Use instead of milky lotion

If you feel dry, repeat several times

In the dark green color, rusty platinum and the eternal shine of gold invite women's sighs all over the world

Let it gently adapt to your skin like a massage of 1 to 2 drops of black lotion lotion and oil together.

Recommend you to use lotion in combination with natural mineral lotion of black paint

Rose oil, Argan oil and 18 kinds of vegetable oils are also included

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