Mercoid Fblt-2Sc-Ivep-10-40, Series Fblt Level Transmitter

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Mercoid, FBLT-2SC-IVEP-10-40, Series FBLT Submersible Level Transmitter with 40' ETFE Cable, 10 psi Perfect for Sludge and Slurries, Lightning Protected, ±0.25% Accuracy The Series FBLT Submersible Level Transmitter is designed with a flush diaphragm tip that will not clog in harsh applications such as sewage lift stations


Application Sewage lift stations, industrial slurries, industrial sumps, landfill leachate, reservoirs, sludge pits, oil tanks, etc

For extra protection against humidity, we offer the A-297 desiccant filter that can be attached to the vent tube

Narrow body design allows the FBLT to fit into stilling wells and narrow installations

The FBLT features a robust FKM fluoroelastomer diaphragm that is PTFE coated for a stick resistant surface that will hold up in aggressive fluids

The FBLT incorporates lighting and surge protection not guaranteed or covered by warrantee to stand up in harsh applications

The diaphragm cavity is filled with a gel that will not leak out versus oil or grease that our competitors use

The unit measures the height of liquid above the position that it is mounted in a tank or pit in reference to atmospheric pressure

The vent is protected with a maintenance free filter, eliminating particulate or water droplets from entering the transmitter

Ventilation tube in the cable automatically compensates for changes in atmospheric pressure above the fluid

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