Fein 63903167383, Auto Glass Accessory Kit

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Set Includes: 3 L-shaped cutter blades, serrated (form 207); 2 L-shaped cutter blades, serrated (type 208); 1 L-shaped cutter blade, serrated (type 209); 2 U-shaped cutter blades, reinforced design (types 157 and 111); 2 U-shaped cutter blades, reinforced design, serrated (form 212); 1 straight cutter blade, Z-bend, with adjustable roller stop (type 143); 1 straight cutter blade, Z-bend, serrated (type 081)

Ideal kit selection for auto glass installers Fits FEIN Professional-Set Auto Glass Cordless oscillating multi-tool, FSC 1.6 Q Oscillating multi-tool - 400 W

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